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Audit is a function of examining records by an independent qualified person. We being Chartered Accountants provide auditing services in following areas.

a) Concurrent Audits, Conducted for timely checking of errors & rectifying them before statutory audit.

b) Tax Audits, as required by Income Tax Act if business receipts are more than certain limit.

c) Company Audits, As required by Companies act 1956 both of Public limited companies as well as private limited companies

d) Trust Audits, as required by Bombay Public Charitable trust Act,

e) Cooperative Audits, As required by cooperative societies act which includes audits of Cooperative Banks, PACS, other societies etc.

f) VAT & CST & GST Audits, As required by Maharashtra Value Added Tax Act/ GST Act.

g) Voluntary Audits, for knowing the exact state of the accounts & for conforming the accounts are error free.

h) System Audits, As required by RBI & other controlling institutions & also for satisfying that the computer system deployed is error free & working correctly,

i) EDP Audits, as required by RBI & other controlling institutions & also for satisfying that the data processing is done error free.

j) Application Audits, to satisfy that the computer system deployed is delivering the results for which it was designed & implemented.

k) Management Audits, Conducted to assess the strengths & weaknesses of staff & suggesting the remedial action.

l) Income Leakage Audits, Income leakage audits are useful in increasing revenues by plugging the gaps where leakages occur, these audits are regularly conducted by Nationalized Banks, & Co-operative Banks,

m) Inspection: This is surprise checking of functioning of organization, which is done by many banks & other financial institutions on regular basis.

n) Stock & Book Debt verification & valuation service: Normally banks require stock & book debts to be independently verified & valued in respect of big borrower accounts.

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